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I started with small affiliate marketing campaigns in 2005 and slowly built a career and consulting business marketing for some of the best companies and biggest brands in the world, including Experian and Intuit. When I left as a lead for QuickBooks Self-Employed to pursue an opportunity with Orchid, I was in charge of a $50M+ budget and was a key contributor to the products growth from inception to 600,000 paying users.

I now lead all marketing efforts for Orchid – a venture backed startup building a VPN on the Ethereum blockchain.

I’m passionate about user acquisition, branding and company narratives.


In 2012 I started attending a weekly writing salon run by my dear (now) friend, Donald Freed. The weekly writing seminar unlocked a passion for fiction writing that had been dormant since work that I’d done in college. My fiction has now appeared in Playboy and the Red Savina Review.

I’m currently looking for representation for two unpublished novels and several short stories.

Published Work

Unpublished Work

Vacuums on Credit, Drugs for Cash

Michael Turner is a high school senior graduating at the dawn of the new millennium—sure that his electronic invention (“Jiggly Mouse”) is going to land him on the cover of WIRED magazine and make money for him while he sleeps.
But the tech bubble bursts and leaves him high and dry without a scheme until he finds a single four-line advertisement in the newspaper: “MAKE $2,000 PER WEEK. No experience necessary.”
The ad leads him to a job “interview” where he is sucked into a door-to-door vacuum cleaner sales cult. A toothless sales boss and his side-kick (both felons) are all too happy to fill naive Michael full of promises so that the clean-cut kid can get them into the homes of lonely housewives in Missoula, Montana.

Vacuums on Credit, Drugs for Cash is my debut novel at 100,700 words.

The Sugar Siphon

Doug is fifteen, and recently survived the gauntlet of his first year of high school. When he gets sick, at first he tries to just shrug it off. Then things get worse, but slowly over time with symptoms that don’t make any sense to him. When he finally lands in the hospital, he yearns for the pill that will make him whole again. When the doctor informs him that he has Type 1 Diabetes and needs to be on insulin for life, he is confused. Can’t he just be normal again like the other kids? Isn’t there a pill to make it all go away?

The Sugar Syphon follows Doug as he tries to fit back into his life, giving readers a front row seat into how Diabetes works and how people with the disease have to deal with the consequences for life.

The Sugar Siphon is an incomplete at 35,000 words.

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