Michael Turner is a high school senior graduating at the dawn of the new millennium—sure that his electronic invention (“Jiggly Mouse”) is going to land him on the cover of WIRED magazine and make money for him while he attends graduation parties and sleeps.

But the tech bubble bursts and leaves him high and dry without a scheme until he finds a single four-line advertisement in the newspaper: “Make $2,000/wk. No experience necessary.”

The ad leads him to a so-called job “interview” where he is slowly but surely sucked into the biggest adventure of his life.

MICHAEL TURNER is a complete unpublished novel at 117,000 words.


Doug is just an ordinary High School freshman who comes down with what he thinks is just a run of the mill flu. But as the flu stays with him and finally lands him in the hospital, Doug is thrown into a new world where he has to manage a difficult disease and grapple with something that makes him different when all he wants is to be just like everyone else.

THE SUGAR SIPHON is an unfinished novel and currently a work in progress.